Garage Door Maintenance

For effective garage door maintenance services, call our company today. We perform effective repairs and replacement for worn out or broken parts. We also conduct safety checks.

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Garage door maintenance is something that must be done periodically. Wear and tear is natural for any mechanical system such as the garage door. This is also true for electronics that have a mechanical component to them like the operator attached to it. Because your door and opener are very useful, they need to be periodically checked and maintained to keep them functioning for as long as you want.Garage Door Maintenance

Safety through Garage Door Maintenance

Your garage poses a real risk to your safety. This potential damage can also be directed at your car, causing you a pretty penny. This is because something that weighs as light as 100 pounds to something as heavy as 400 pounds is very dangerous when they are over your head. To keep things safe, the entire garage overhead door setup has a few things in place. There are tracks, springs and cables that carry the weight of the door. However, if any of these parts are worn out, then safety is no longer going to be certain. Let us assist you by checking for safety issues. If we find any safety issue, we'll be sure to inform you so you can make an informed decision regarding maintenance.

Repairing Broken Parts

Broken parts will cause the entire mechanism to fail. This is because the parts of the door work hand in hand just to lift its entire weight off the ground. If a part is broken, it's going to produce a disconnect that makes everything else basically useless. This is best exemplified by a broken spring that causes a chain effect that disables the entire system. Let us repair your broken parts for you through our garage door maintenance services.

Replacement of Broken Parts

Some broken parts are easy to repair but there are those that require nothing less than replacement to get the entire thing working again. When you notice a broken part of your door or opener, don't hesitate to call our company to ask us to take a look. We have the right training, tools and equipment to provide you with the most effective garage door maintenance services for your particular needs. 

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