Garage Door Repair

Do you have a broken door or opener? Do your springs need adjustment? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, call us today to get the best garage door services around!

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Garage Door Repair Services You Can Count on

Your garage door and it's hundred parts could malfunction in pretty much endless ways; one of the springs may break, the opener might malfunction, the sensor might be dirty of broke, and more. Our company is here for you for any of these problems!

Repair for your garage door

Broken Panels? Not a Problem!

If you're unlucky enough to get one or a few of your door panels broken either through direct force as in a vehicular impact or through insidious means such as rust, don't worry. A broken panel or two can easily be remedied with the use of replacement door sections. With the use of compatible replacements your door will look good as new. You can actually also take this opportunity to do a makeover of the overall look of your door if you want. You can even play around with compatible panels that have additional accents such as windows.

Springs are Essential

The overall function of the garage door mechanism relies heavily on the action of springs. This is because it is the springs that provide the force needed to raise and lower the door in a controlled fashion. Without an extension or torsion spring, any heavy door will be extremely difficult to open. If you do happen to get it open, lowering it will become very dangerous since it may come crashing down on you. If you find that your springs are broken, call our company for the needed garage door repair and replacement services. Do not attempt to adjust or repair a spring on your own since this can be very dangerous.

Getting that Noisy Opener Fixed!

An opener is a very useful device as it allows you to lift or open your garage door with just your finger. Simply push the 'open' button on your remote and you're good to go. On your way out, there is also no need to get out of your car to close it. Simply press the 'close' button to lower the door. However, if your opener is not responding or is making strange sounds, there may be some problems with the electronic or mechanical parts of your setup. Call our company and we'll get to the bottom of this malfunction immediately. We'll make sure to check each part of the system like the batteries, the gears, the circuit board and drive assembly. After determining the culprit, we'll provide the right garage door repair services to fix the problem once and for all.

Contact us today and let us know how we can help!

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