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Our team wants to help you avoid aggravation and expense by keeping your garage door running at optimum performance. We've put together a list of tips for taking care of your system. Have a browse!

React quickly to any garage door problems

If you've noticed a scratching or screeching noise when you open or close your garage door, don't ignore it! A loud bang or any unusual sound from your door can be a sure sign of trouble. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is to put off making garage door repairs. By acting early, the cost of repairs can often be minor and easier to fix. By putting things off, you may find that you wind up paying much more than necessary.

Replace your remote batteries regularly

Many homeowners find that their garage door doesn't seem to be operating as well as it did before but can't find any problems or that sometimes the door may take a little extra time to respond after they press the button. Both of these issues can be caused by weak remote control batteries. Before calling our team to schedule a repair, try replacing the batteries to see if it cures the problem. You might discover that replacing your batteries regularly may cure a number of operating problems.

Check the photo cell alignment when there's trouble closing your door

If your garage door is harder to close than normal, the problem might be a poorly aligned photo sensor. Your photo sensors keep your door from closing when something is in the way, but when the alignment is off, this feature won’t work properly. Check to see that your sensor is directly in the path of the photo beam. If you can't get it to line up correctly, call our technicians to find a solution.


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